Pure Water for the Planet


Puralytics and EZPack receive $400,000 co-development grant from the Bird Foundation


HILLSBORO, Ore. – Bird Foundation was created by the U.S. and Israel government in 1977 to build beneficial cooperation between U.S. and Israeli start-ups and established organizations in high-tech industries. Since then, more than 800 projects have been approved with leading companies like American Red Cross, Bayer Pharmaceutical or IBM.  The Bird Foundation has recently announced a $400,000 co-development grant to Puralytics and EZPack.

Puralytics, a world leader in light-activated nanotechnology drinking water purifiers, is partnering with EZPack, a world leader in water bladders for emergency and military use, to develop a larger scale water purifying bladders. The product is based on two components: Puralytics light-activated purification element, and EZPack two layer bladders. Water bladders are used for temporary water storage in emergency and disaster relief, remote location, and military applications. In many such cases, the water is not drinkable, and water treatment equipment is not available. Using these new LED or sunlight activated nanotechnology inserts in the bladders provides means for purifying non-potable water. The purifying element is activated either by sunlight and/or internal LED light powered by an internal battery. 

“We are thrilled about this alliance. Implementing Puralytics technology to purify the water in our bladders meets the needs of military and disaster response customers who need to treat and store water onsite,” said EZPack CEO Alex Harel.

Under this grant, Puralytics will develop a higher performance and more durable nanotechnology coated mesh, develop a test kit for field use, and complete the World Health Organization cert testing of the finished water purifying bladders.  EZPack will incorporate the nanomesh, sunlight windows, and LED lighting into 10L, 20L, 100L, and 500L bags.  Both companies have agreed to partner to bring these to market to their existing and new partners.

“Due to their capabilities and reach, EZ Pack is an ideal partner for us at Puralytics as we implement our new strategy, partnering with leading companies to bring innovative products to market capitalizing on our core, light driven nanotechnology” commented Rick Lockett, Puralytics CEO.   Puralytics is looking for additional partners to implement their core technology to finished products to create new water purification solutions.  


About the BIRD Foundation
The BIRD (Binational Industrial Research and Development) Foundation works to encourage and facilitate cooperation between U.S. and Israeli companies in a wide range of technology sectors and offers funding to selected project. BIRD has approved over 950 projects over its 40 year history.  The BIRD Foundation supports projects without receiving any equity or intellectual property rights in the participating companies or in the project itself. BIRD funding is repaid as royalties from sales of technology products that were commercialized as a result of BIRD support. The Foundation provides support of up to 50% of a project's budget, beginning with R&D and ending with the initial stages of sales and marketing. The Foundation shares the risk and does not require repayment if the project fails to reach the sales stage.