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Puralytics and Medad Technologies Win BlueTech Awards at SIWW

Awards recognize game-changing technologies and solutions at the TechXchange Workshop

Singapore – The 2014 TechXchange Workshop at Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) announced the winners of the BlueTech Awards from its TechShowcase session today. In this year’s competition, Singaporean-based Medad Technologies received the BlueTruffle™ Award and American-based Puralytics won the Disrupt-o-Meter™ Award.

Companies participated in the TechShowcase at the TechXchange Workshop, which provided a platform for innovative companies to connect with potential partners and investors from around the world. Overall, this technology showcase featured 11 start-up and growth stage companies that presented their disruptive water technologies and business pitch. Delegates then rated each company on the disruptive potential of its technology for the Disrupt-o-Meter™ Award and the strength of a company’s market strategy for the BlueTruffle™ Award.

BlueTruffle Award winner Medad Technologies offers a green desalination process solution that diminishes environmental concerns (e.g. adverse effects on salinity, harm of marine life, etc.) while maintaining high production yields and decreased operation costs. Joseph Ng, CEO, accepted the award on behalf of Medad Technologies.

Disrupt-o-meter Award winner Puralytics was recognized for its  light-activated nanotechnology water purification, implemented in three product lines, the LED powered Shield system, the floating sunlight activated LilyPad, and the SolarBag, a personal water purifier used in 59 countries. As a passive purification process, the Solar Bag provides a cost effective solution for many uses, including outdoor recreation, emergency preparedness, military individual water purifiers (IWPs) and in the developing world. Mark Owen, CEO, Puralytics said “We are honored by this recognition from industry leaders and investors of our innovative technology and are excited by the new partnerships resulting from this awareness”.

Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research, was particularly impressed with all of the companies at the 2014 TechXchange Workshop. As a co-host of the Workshop with Rethink Events and Singapore PUB, BlueTech was involved in the rigorous selection process involved in choosing which companies could participate in the TechShowcase.

As winners of the BlueTech Awards, Puralytics and Medad Technologies will be featured in the 2014 WEFTEC Innovation Showcase in New Orleans, LA in late September. Winners will also be provided a one-year subscription to the BlueTech Intelligence Service, featuring analyst-directed advisory services, technology assessments, and a suite of BlueTech product offerings.

For more information on the BlueTech Awards at the TechXchange Workshop, including the Disrupt-o-Meter™ and BlueTruffle™ Award winners, please visit: www.bluetechresearch.com.

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