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Puralytics® Awarded US Patent for LED Activated Nanotechnology Water Purifier

Light Activated Nano Technology broadly effective for destroying contaminants, features efficient operation and no waste water discharge

 Beaverton, Ore. - The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Puralytics a patent for a light activated nanotechnology which can both disinfect and detoxify water. Puralytics’ patented process can employ either sunlight or LED light to stimulate a nanotechnology coated mesh activating five photo chemical processes to eliminate all three major categories contaminants, including biological pathogens, chemical contaminants, and heavy metals toxins.  The patent covers both the method and apparatus of purifying water using multiple wavelengths to activate a semiconductor photocatalyst attached to a fibrous mesh.

“This patent recognizes and protects our innovative technology and also the uniquely applied product concepts we are bringing to the market,”  said Puralytics CEO Mark Owen.  “Puralytics technology in one process exceeds the contaminant removal of what historically has taken multiple, other combined systems to address.  Moreover, we accomplish this by actually destroying the most difficult contaminants from the environment, rather than just filtering and discharging these problems right back into our ecosystem.”  Dr. Tom Hawkins, Principal Investigator and co-author of the patent added, “Accordingly, we believe this technology and our products represent a sustainable future for water treatment by making pure water possible in places and applications not possible before.” 

Puralytics technology is currently being marketed in both LED Activated and Sunlight Activated product formats, including the Shield, SolarBag 3L, and LilyPad products, respectively.

Marta FerretPuralytics