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New US Retail Partner for Puralytics: BareGoods.


Puralytics, a water purification company with headquarters in Oregon, named Baregoods their retail partner on the road to expansion in the US market. BareGoods, a branding and distribution consulting firm, has a long list of success stories on a broad range of unique products such as baby products, home goods, personal care and fitness items. The common characteristic is high customer demand, and thanks to BareGoods expertise, these products find their way into the hands of consumers. Puralytics SolarBag, a portable water purifier that works with the light of the sun, will be added to BareGoods portfolio.

“For a company like Puralytics, associating with a team of people specialized in US retail, lets the company focus on what we do best- product development, technology innovation and integration, and international partnering. We are excited to work with a proven, successful retail partner to deliver on the promise of the SolarBag products” said Rick Lockett, Puralytics CEO.

Following two-quarters of record worldwide sales for Puralytics, BareGoods has made a significant commitment to purchase at least 14,400 SolarBags this year to support initial stock and the sales ramp they anticipate.

“The SolarBag is a revolutionary product. It has a tremendous potential for sales in the US market where outdoor recreational activities, equipment, and gear sales are growing every year, a market for which the SolarBag is particularly well suited. In these times, the SolarBag is also an important product for emergency preparedness to provide safe water for families in times of utility disruption. We are thrilled to have this product in our portfolio” announced Paul Blount, COO of BareGoods.

Over the next five years, as total recreation expenditure expands, demand for hiking and outdoor equipment is anticipated to grow. According to the IBISWorld’s Hiking and Outdoor Equipment Stores market research report, Outdoor and Equipment market has a revenue of $4 billion per year and annual growth of 1.8%. These figures mean thirsty users looking for reliable water purifiers and the SolarBag is ready to quench all these American adventures.

Marta Ferret