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A New Nanotechnology Catalyst, a New Era for Puralytics

The new material is an advanced version of Puralytics’ core technology

A novel period starts for Puralytics, a water purification company with headquarters in Oregon. Puralytics’ products use a nanotechnology catalyst-coated mesh as the key component to purify water through photocatalytic processes. The catalyst is activated by sunlight or by LEDS to remove a broad range of contaminants.

Several years of research and development by Puralytics’ engineers and scientists have delivered a new, proprietary material. This new nanotechnology material has been engineered and manufactured in-house and lowers catalyst costs by 60% or more while increasing performance by 50% or more in most applications. It is also more durable and easy to adapt to different systems and product applications for use in product and system development.

“We are thrilled to see the performance of the new catalyst. Even on a cloudy day here in Oregon, we can see enhanced and quicker performance. Upgrading the catalyst has already and will continue to have a significant effect on product development,” said Amy Bortvedt, scientist at Puralytics.

Presently, Puralytics has two primary lines of products: the SolarBag and the Shield. Both products utilize this material as the key element to purify water. The SolarBag, a portable water purifier activated by sunlight, has been used by outdoor enthusiasts, nonprofit organizations, mission teams and emergency response teams. The second line of products, a purification unit activated by LEDs and capable of treating thousands of liters per day, has been deployed internationally for disaster response and at remote community locations for drinking water purification in South America, North America and the Middle East.

“This new nanotechnology material will enable Puralytics to work with key development partners to launch new product formats and applications and enter new markets. Not only the tremendous cost reduction and the performance improvements but also the durability of the material is a huge advantage in product development. This significant development allows us the ability to access a much wider and deeper market in water treatment applications,” said Rick Lockett, Puralytics CEO.

Puralytics is developing a series of products for release later this year: solar-activated bladder purification units, a new version of the SolarBag, the High Flow Shield and Nano Shield for modular system applications; and projects to integrate this new catalyst into its partners’ products, systems and sales channels.


Marta Ferret